Peach Sage Infused Water

I love to drink infused water, it’s so refreshing drink and it’s healthy way to drink water. I can mix any kind of fruits that I like into the water. This time is peach sage infused water.

Red Currant Lime Drink

I know summer time is over, this red currant lime drink actually perfect for summer drink, but if you still have stock of red currants, why don’t make this refreshing drink. What you need only red currants, lime, simple syrup, still water or sparkling water and ice cubes. Enjoy!

Spinach Banana Clementine Smoothie

I think I’ve posted a lot of smoothie recipe on my blog, it’s because I drink smoothie almost everyday with mixture different kind of fruits I have at home. This time is spinach banana clementine smoothie, I mixed it with yogurt, milk and honey. Just to let you know that I have picture collection of smoothies… [read more]

Cucumber Lime Mint Infused Water

No more excuse to drink water….this is the healthy way to drink water….cucumber lime mint infused water! Maybe for some of us is too boring to drink water, but if you add something like fruit or vegetable into your water, you’ll love this. Here I added slice of cucumber, lime and mint leaves. Add into… [read more]

Papaya Apple Beetroot Smoothie

Normally, when I made smoothie, I combined fresh fruits with dairy products, but this time I combine it with coconut water. This smoothie recipe is vegan, the ingredients are papaya, apple, beetroot, agave syrup and coconut water. So, enjoy this papaya apple beetroot smoothie for breakfast.

Orange Lemon Mint Drink

Summer time it’s time to drink refreshing drink. I’ve a lot of fresh mint leaves that I plant on my balcony garden, normally I picked some of the leaves to combine into the drink. I just need some oranges and lemon to make this summer drink. Orange lemon mint drink! Enjoy it.

Raspberry Summer Drink

  Are you looking for summer drink recipe? Try this one, raspberry summer drink! You only need fresh raspberry, lemon juice, simple syrup and soda water.  Ingredients: 1 cup fresh raspberry  Juice from 1/2 lemon 2 tablespoons simple syrup Soda water Instructions: Blend fresh raspberry with lemon juice and simple syrup until smooth. Pour into… [read more]