Pomegranate Chocolate Tart

I’ve made this pomegranate chocolate tart for coffee time with my friends. They love this (they said:-)) and asking for the recipe. So, this is it! yummy pomegranate chocolate tart. Before you make this, first of all, you have to cut and de-seed the pomegranate. I used the tips from SimplyRecipes.com .

Apricot Galette

This is the first time I made Apricot Galette and surprised with the result, so yummy… it was so perfect to serve this after dinner as dessert, so fruity!. It would be more perfect if you serve it with whipped cream on top of it. As dessert or Coffee time, as you like :-). To… [read more]

Concord Grape Pie Crumble

Concord Grape Pie Crumble….this is one of the best pie I’ve ever made. Few months ago, I’ve posted Valentine’s Grape Pie, it was pie for my husband as Valentine’s gift. This time I’ve made grape pie with crumble on top of it.

Valentine’s Grape Pie

I know…Valentine’s Day is over. Anyhow I post here homemade Valentine’s grape pie created by me. I made this grape pie as Valentine’s day  present for my husband. It took a long time for me to make this pie, because of the love-form on top of the pie, I’ve made it with my hand :-).… [read more]

Sweet Potato Pie

I love sweet potato, always combine this root vegetable on my menu, especially dessert, I’ve made this sweet potato pie many times, last time I’ve made this as we had dinner together at Christmas. I can’t describe how great the taste as the piece of the pie comes into my mouth and melt in your… [read more]