Sweet Potato Pie

I love sweet potato, always combine this root vegetable on my menu, especially dessert, I’ve made this sweet potato pie many times, last time I’ve made this as we had dinner together at Christmas. I can’t describe how great the taste as the piece of the pie comes into my mouth and melt in your… [read more]

Sprinkles Balls

First of all, Merry Christmas for you all! I hope you enjoyed together with your family, and happy with gifts you have got. :-). Today I want to share my favorite chocolate sprinkles balls recipe, I like to made this when my friends come to visit me, normally I mixed the chocolate ball with different… [read more]

Apple Tiramisu

In winter I found many sort of apples, I bought a lot of apples and love to make my own homemade apple sauce. For this tiramisu, you need the apple sauce or in Germany known as Apfelmuss, biscuits and mixture of eggnog-honey Mascarpone cream cheese. 

Fried Pumpkin Wontons

I’m looking for snack recipes and found this recipe at Bakeaholic Mama website with Pumpkin pie wontons with a pear ginger bear dipping sauce. I didn’t make the dipping sauce (to lazy), I just dusted the pumpkin wonton with powdered sugar, you can also eat just like that.

Vanille Kipferl

Christmas come soon, people in Germany busy to bake cookies and other christmas cake and sweet specialities. Vanille Kipferl is one of German favorite christmas cookies that every family must-bake. It’s small crescent shaped biscuits, made from ground almond or hazelnut, dusting with mix of icing sugar and vanilla sugar. This Vanille Kipferl recipe was… [read more]

Poppy Seed Yoghurt Cake

People in Germany love to use poppy seed as cake ingredients, some that I know are called  Mohnkuchen, Mohnstollen and Mohntorte. They also made bread with poppy seeds (Mohnbrot). Cake that I’ve made was poppy seed cake (Mohnkuchen) with yoghurt. It’s simple and delicious, I ate this poppy seed yoghurt cake for breakfast with a cup of… [read more]

Indonesian Rice Pudding

Bubur Sumsum is Indonesian favorite dish. It can be serve as breakfast or dessert. It’s pudding-like dish made from rice flour and coconut milk, serve with palm sugar sauce, flavor with pandan leaves. Pandan leaves is important ingredient for  this recipe, it has special flavour and smell good. In Germany you only can find it at Asian… [read more]