Quinoa cashew chocolate cookies

This quinoa cashew chocolate cookies are very delicious … I ate this for my afternoon tea, sometimes also for breakfast. You can also remove the chocolate if it is too sweet for you for breakfast. Enjoy it!

Indonesian pineapple cookies or Kue Nastar

Nastar or known as pineapple tart cookie is usually served on Muslim holiday celebration “Eid al Fitr or Idul Fitri” in Indonesia. My mom always make this cookies at home rather than buy it at stores. It took patience to make this cookies because for the pineapple filling you need fresh pineapple; peeled, grated or… [read more]

Carrot apple banana oat cookies

Have you tried this breakfast cookies before? The main ingredients are apple, carrot, banana and oats. Sounds healthy right?, It’s not crispy but chewy because I didn’t use flour and butter on this recipe. It was so delicious to enjoy this cookies with a cup of coffee.

Blueberry Oat Cookies

Anybody want blueberry oat cookies….? I’m sure everybody will love this cookies. My husband said that this cookies are too delicious 🙂 I ate three pieces of this at a time for breakfast. Try this recipe if like to eat cookies for breakfast.

Chia chocolate date almond hazelnut cookies

This chia chocolate date almond hazelnut cookie recipe is the healthiest cookie recipe I ever made, nutty flavor from almond and hazelnut, sweetness from date and maple syrup, chia seeds, cocoa powder and buckwheat flour. Mmm….you’ll love this cookies.

Almond Coconut Cookies

Last post, I’ve made almond milk, and maybe you want to know what I did with the almond pulp after I took the milk. I roasted the almond pulp until dry and use it to make cookies. You can use ground almond or finely chopped almonds to this recipe. I also use coconut flour, coconut… [read more]

Star Cut-Out Cookies

Christmas time! Most of you maybe quiet busy preparing Christmas presents or baking cookies. I made a lot of different cookies this month but it doesn’t last long, because my husband had eaten all of them. 🙂 For example this star cut-out cookies, dipped with melted chocolate and topped with sprinkles. It’s make everybody addicted.