Brazil Nut Chocolate Coconut Balls

I love to eat energy balls for breakfast, there’s a lot of energy ball recipes on this blog, such as; Almond Chocolate Balls, Pistachio Chocolate Balls and Chocolate Coconut Cashew Energy Bites. This Brazil nut chocolate coconut balls is easy to make because you need only 5 ingredients. So try and enjoy it! This Brazil Nut Balls… [read more]

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Energy Bites

I’m addicted to energy balls after I made hazelnut cranberry peanut butter energy balls few months ago. This chocolate coconut cashew energy bites are simple to make, basically you just combine healthy ingredients you like into one bowl and make the dough into small balls. The energy balls that I’ve made this time are the combination… [read more]

Almond Chocolate Balls

My friend has visited me and spent  this weekend at my home and we have cooked together in the kitchen for our lunch and dinner. For dessert I’ve made almond chocolate balls, mmm a sweet dream, yummy. Check another chocolate balls recipe on my website; Pistachio Chocolate Balls, Sprinkle Chocolate balls and Rum Balls. 

Pistachio Chocolate Balls

Chocolate balls… mmm I’m sure everybody love this, mix with pistachio nuts…. it’s highlight of the day. Since I made rum balls and sprinkle balls many times, always come up the idea to mix the chocolate balls with different kinds of nuts such as; hazelnut, almond, cashew nut etc. Sometimes I mixed it with desiccated… [read more]