Raspberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Raspberry buttermilk pancakes served with powdered sugar and fresh raspberries for breakfast, I’m sure nobody resist that. Fruity and healthy breakfast to start up your day. I made this pancakes a little bit different as usual. Normally I made smaller pancakes because faster to cook and of course faster to eat it.

Red Currant Poppy Seeds Pancakes

I love pancakes!, I always ate pancakes for breakfast, normally I made pancakes with different kind of fruit mixtures. For example, pancakes that I’ve ever make ; Raspberry Red Currant Pancakes, Whole Wheat Banana Pancake and Chocolate Orange Pancakes.

Raspberry Red Currant Pancake

I always made pancake for breakfast, at least two times a week. Sometimes I mixed it with fruits I like, served with peanuts and maple syrup, mmmm it’s great energy source to start my day. 🙂 This raspberry red currant pancake recipe adapted from PhysalisFruit.Com 

Potato Pancake

I called this Potato pancake, in Germany known as Kartoffelpuffer, it is favorite meal in Germany, it serves normally with apfelmuss (apple sauce), but I just ate just like that and actually it should be a thin pancake, but I’ve made it to thick. Anyway it tasted good. By the way my neighbor gave me some… [read more]

Whole wheat banana pancake

Hmmm pancake! time for breakfast. Normally I made pancake with all purpose flour but this pancake made from whole wheat flour and mixed with mashed bananas, healthy breakfast!. I ate this whole wheat banana pancake with honey and sliced banana. You can eat this with any kind of fresh fruit you have at home and… [read more]

Chocolate orange pancake

Chocolate Orange Pancake for breakfast? why not. Pancake is always perfect for breakfast, served with fresh fruit and maple syrup, mmm yummy. On this recipe I made chocolate pancake with cocoa powder, and some orange juice mixed into the batter, served with sliced orange and chocolate sauce. Check out my other pancake recipes on my… [read more]