Whole Wheat Banana Bread

I’m sure everybody loves banana. Banana is easy healthy fruit, you can find it in every supermarket. Ripe  banana is naturally sweet, normally I use banana to make pancake, muffin or smoothie.  I used 100% whole-wheat flour and  honey. You can add-ins like nuts, raisins or other dried fruit. This whole wheat banana bread is perfect… [read more]

Gouda Herb French Toast

I’ve made this french toast with gouda cheese and herb for breakfast, B.E.S.T recipe ever. Simple and easy-to-find ingredients. I took 2 slices of bread, put sliced gouda cheese in the middle of the bread and cut in triangle, and then soak in egg mixture made from egg, milk, chopped parsley, dill and salt. Fry… [read more]

Scrambled eggs with avocado on toasted bread

Sunday morning…. I was looking for simple breakfast recipe with toast bread, and found in at 80breakfasts website with scrambled eggs with avocado. It’s very easy to make, first you have to beat the egg lightly with fork, cut dice the avocado, toast the bread with toaster. Then cook the egg in pan with butter,… [read more]

Zucchini Date Muffins

Last time I’ve made zucchini almond cake, it tasted so good,  and the other day I made this zucchini date muffins. I never thought that zucchini (vegetable :-)) not only served as appetizer or main course but also perfect for dessert. I ate this for breakfast and coffee. You could serve it with powder sugar or maple… [read more]

Raspberry Red Currant Pancake

I always made pancake for breakfast, at least two times a week. Sometimes I mixed it with fruits I like, served with peanuts and maple syrup, mmmm it’s great energy source to start my day. 🙂 This raspberry red currant pancake recipe adapted from PhysalisFruit.Com 

Potato Pancake

I called this Potato pancake, in Germany known as Kartoffelpuffer, it is favorite meal in Germany, it serves normally with apfelmuss (apple sauce), but I just ate just like that and actually it should be a thin pancake, but I’ve made it to thick. Anyway it tasted good. By the way my neighbor gave me some… [read more]

Indonesian Rice Pudding

Bubur Sumsum is Indonesian favorite dish. It can be serve as breakfast or dessert. It’s pudding-like dish made from rice flour and coconut milk, serve with palm sugar sauce, flavor with pandan leaves. Pandan leaves is important ingredient for  this recipe, it has special flavour and smell good. In Germany you only can find it at Asian… [read more]