Physalis Muffins

Anybody have tried physalis muffins? or anybody know physalis fruit before? I knew this fruit since I live in Germany, it’s also known as Cape Gooseberry (physalis peruviana). I love this fruit so much, that’s why I created my first blog named , it’s website with a lot of fruit recipes, check it out there… [read more]

Blueberry Peach Muffins

I love to eat muffins in the morning as breakfast with a cup of coffee, today I’m going to post blueberry peach muffins, I like the combinations of this fruits. After I made blueberry peach smoothie, I tried to make muffins with blueberry and peach. Amazing result! Take a look at the pictures below, you can… [read more]

Strawberry Muffins

 Strawberry muffins….yummy. Soon, early of june is strawberry season, even though you can already find strawberry everywhere in supermarket, but the strawberry field here in Germany start selling its strawberry early of june, you can pick or select your own ripe strawberries there, check out my strawberry-picking activity last year at strawberry field.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

I always served muffins as breakfast, last time I posted Chocolate Chip Banana Cake, it was so good… and I’ve tried again the combinations of banana and chocolate chips on muffins, this is it…. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins! On this recipe I used overripe banana, it taste more sweet as normal. Combine with the sweetness… [read more]

Zucchini Date Muffins

Last time I’ve made zucchini almond cake, it tasted so good,  and the other day I made this zucchini date muffins. I never thought that zucchini (vegetable :-)) not only served as appetizer or main course but also perfect for dessert. I ate this for breakfast and coffee. You could serve it with powder sugar or maple… [read more]