Wheatgrass Zucchini Sunflower Seed Bread

This wheatgrass zucchini sunflower seed bread is perfect to serve for breakfast or coffee time. Normally I ate this for breakfast with a glass of milk. The main ingredients of this bread are enough energy for me to start my day, such as; ground almond, zucchini, egg, wheatgrass powder and sunflower seeds. I used wheatgrass powder… [read more]

Cranberry Orange Bread

Normally I used dried cranberry to add into bread or cake, but I found fresh cranberry at supermarket (which is normally rarely to find), I decided to make bread with combination of cranberry and orange. This is it; cranberry orange bread! this bread taste fruity and I add also yogurt into it to make soft… [read more]

Zucchini Chocolate Yogurt Bread

Zucchini Chocolate Yogurt Bread…..mmm I’m addicted to this bread, I’ve made this bread many times, not only for dessert but also for breakfast with a cup of coffee. Actually I don’t really like zucchini, but if you prepare it like this, you won’t taste the zucchini because covered with the sweetness of chocolate chips. It’s… [read more]

Baked French Toast

I made this baked french toast for breakfast, I had some toast bread that will expire soon, so I decided to make this. I used greased baking dish, slice cubed the toast bread and pour with mixture of egg, milk, cream and cinnamon. Top with grated cheese and butter. Bake and serve warm. Perfect for… [read more]

Garlic knots

I think I’m in love with this lovely yummy garlic knots since I’ve made it for the first time. It’s made from bread dough and make some small knots, after you bake it, coat it with mixture olive oil, chopped parsley,  minced garlic, salt and pepper. It’s amazing taste!!!

Sesame seed buns

Have you tried to make homemade bread before? I did. I made my own sesame seed buns for breakfast. Basically it’s easy to make but took a little time. Raising and kneading the bread takes time but at the end you’ll love the result. Take a look at the picture, cute right?. You can eat this… [read more]

Radish Cream Cheese Toast

Looking for easy breakfast recipe? try this one; radish cream cheese toast! You just need toasted bread, spread it with cream cheese, add sliced red radishes, add sliced chives, season with salt and black pepper. Ready to enjoy. I made this recipe only for one person (only for me), you can double the portion if… [read more]