Matcha Green Tea Almond Bagels

Matcha green tea almond bagels…sounds great right? For Bagel lovers, this is one you should try. Maybe not everybody know where to buy Matcha , normally I bought this at Asian shop. In Asian it’s already very popular, last month I was in Singapore for few days and I found a lot of Cafes with Matcha specialities,… [read more]

Chocolate Almond Bagels

Bagels for breakfast!!! I love to eat bagels for breakfast, my husband also addicted to it. After I made Sesame Bagels, Matcha Bagels and Blueberry Bagels, I tried to make another interesting mixture into my bagels. This time I made chocolate almond bagels. Enjoy this bagels with cream cheese, mmm  yummy:-) Print Yum Chocolate Almond Bagels Ingredients20g… [read more]

Blueberry Bagels

Blueberry Week —–>Saturday, Day 6 : Blueberry Bagels. Delicious blueberry bagels for breakfast, I ate this with butter and my husband ate this with cream cheese. He loves bagels so much. It took a lot of time for me to make this 🙂 but very fast to eat it :-). Check out Sesame Bagel recipe… [read more]